Forging the Best Value from the Finest Components

What's up everybody, I'm Jonathon owner of Forged PCs: the best PC solution on Earth. We've been forging PCs for almost 2 years now, and our hammers aren't slowing down! Our mission is to provide the best possible value to our customers with the best quality and latest gen components, all with hands-on customer care. We accomplish this by forging our PCs without any build fees or mark-ups on parts—our PCs are built with off-the-shelf components from trusted name brands. Forged PCs provides the highest quality PCs for anyone's budget a truly fair price.

Photo of Jonathan Pedro, owner of Forged PCs.

Our Anvils Are Hot

Trust isn't earned: it's forged

Get it Right

30 day no questions asked return policy.

Peace of Mind

1 year labor warranty and lifetime technical support.

Better Builds

Quality components from trusted name brands—no OEM parts.

No Build Fee

$0 build fee to get the maximum performance from any budget.

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Get on Our Level

Join the Forged Community!

Our growing Discord is filled with channels for talking tech, technical support, and troubleshooting. We also announce our specials and promotions there first! Come for the community, stay for the sweet deals.

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Contact us

If you're looking to forge a really special PC, we can also schedule a one-on-one consultation to discuss the build, components, and pricing. Let's hammer out the details.

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